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Please note the following important points:-

The Manx Y-DNA Study coordinator has no commercial affiliation with any profit making organisation and receives no compensation for services or expenses involved with the project. At present, this website is maintained solely for promoting the study and posting results.
Although the Manx Y-DNA Study has arranged for discounts at FTDNA, that by no means suggests a business partnership or other relationship between the Study and FTDNA. All funds are payable only and directly to FTDNA. 
The Manx Y-DNA Study will not be the recipient nor steward of any DNA samples and has no responsibility for their care, handling or return to participant, nor duty to act on behalf of any participant in mediation of any dispute between the participant and the FTDNA.
There is always a possibility that you could get disappointing test results. DNA analysis and interpretation in genealogy is not yet an exact science.  One possibility is that there has been a "non-paternity event" which breaks the male genetic line eg an illegitimate birth, at an unknown past time. There are several possible types of non-paternity event in addition to a pregnancy gained outside of a marriage. For example, 
a child may be adopted and given the family name 
there might have been infidelity within a marriage and the  husband was not the father of the child
a man may take the family name when he marries a family  daughter 
a man from the family may marry a pregnant woman whose husband has died 
a  wife  may choose to give her children her family name rather than her husband's name for various reasons 
clerical error in recording administrative data may assign a family name to the wrong person, and so on. 
adoptions were quite common in every age (i.e. parents died by disease or war and a relative took in the children and raised them with their name, or young daughters had a child out of wedlock and the parents raised it as their own). 

Release of Liability

For good consideration each participant forever releases and discharges John A Creer, Manx Y-DNA Study Coordinator, from any and all claims, liabilities, judgments, and proceedings, both at law and in equity, arising from his participation in the Study.
This Release and waiver is given in the interests of permitting the Manx Y- DNA Project to proceed in the genealogical testing of participants and of permitting John A Creer to serve the desires of the families involved to seek better genealogical understanding through DNA testing.
Furthermore, this release is given to enable John A Creer to feel free to donate his services and time in organizing this project without fear of liability. 
By participation in the project, the participant agrees to all conditions of the Study, unless he has specifically advised the Study Coordinator of any reservations or disagreement.
The webmaster is keen to respect the privacy of all individuals whether they are researching our name or bear it. In order to maintain this pledge, this site does not contain any contact data other than the contact email address of the webmaster.  
If any data on this website is inaccurate, or if anything in it offends you, please contact the webmaster directly.

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