Manx Family Names
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Manx Family Names

If you are male and possess one of the following Manx family names*, and you know that your family comes from or originally came from the Isle of Man - then you are eligible to take part in this study.

Bell Boyde Brew Brid(e)son Cain(e) Caley Callin Callister Callow Cannell Cannon Carran Carine Carroon Casement Cashen/in Caveen Christian Clague Clarke Cleator Clucas Cojeen Colquitt Collister Condra Comish Coole/Cooil Corjeag/Cavendish Corkan Corkill Corkish Corlett Cormode Corrin Corris Corteen Costain Cottier Cowell Cowin Cowle Cowley Craine Crebbin Creer Cregeen Crennell Crellin Cretney Cringle/all Crowe Cubbon Curphey Duke Far(a)gher Fayle Gale Garrett Gawne Gell Gelling Gill Gorry Halsal(l) Hampton Harrison Hogg Howland Joughin Kaighin Kaneen Karran Kaye/Kee Kegg Keggin Keig Kell(e)y Kennaugh Kennish/Kinnish Keown Kermeen Kermode Kerruish Kewin Kewish Kewley Killey Killip Kinley Kinrade Kinvig Kissack Kneal(e) Kneen Lace Leece Lewin Looney Lowey Maddrell Martin Moore Morrison Moughtin/ton Mylchreest Mylchraine Mylrea Mylroi/e Nelson Oat(e)s Quaggan/in Qualtrough Quaye Quayle Quilliam Quilleash Quine Quinney Quark Quirk Radcliffe Sayle Scarffe Shimmin Skelly Skillicorn Stephen Stowell Taggart Tear(e) Vondy Watterson, Wattleworth


The majority of these names are unique to the Isle of Man and their origins can be traced back to earlier Manx Gaelic forms usually starting in "Mac" or "Mc" - meaning in Gaelic "son of". 

So, for example, until around 1600, the name Creer was known as McCrere - and around this time, most of these Manx family names lost their prefix of "Mac" and contracted to the modern form of the name we see today.

There is a brief summary of the history of the Isle of Man here for anyone who is interested.

Men possessing any of the following Manx names are still urgently needed to be tested:-  

Cannan, Carine, Carroon, Caveen, Cojeen, Corjeag/Cavendish, Corteen, Duggan, Duke, Goldsmith, Kaneen, Kaye/Kee, Keown, Kewin, Martin, Mylechraine, Quaggan/in, Quaye, Quilleash, Quark, Skillicorn and Vondy

Free tests may be available to men with these family names   - all on a first come, first served basis and subject to appropriate genealogy -  contact John Creer

If you wish to take part please go here

A list of those names tested either partially or fully is available here

* The list of Manx names above is hopefully definitive but if you possess a Manx family name that is not included, and I have missed it, then please let me know. John A Creer.


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