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Sponsor a Manx Family Name for Y-DNA testing


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Below is the current priority list of Manx family names for which sponsorship and testing candidates are needed. If you are researching the history of a particular Manx family, but you have no living male relatives with that name to be tested - you can still support this research by donating towards the cost of a Y-DNA test kit that will be used for a member of the family you specify. In such cases where you have no living relative possessing the name you are researching, then the Manx project will undertake to locate and recruit such a man.  


Current Name Selected early variants of name Possible Meaning* Speculative linguistic origin First date recorded on IOM Candidates needed

Funds needed

Harrison Harrisonn/Herisson Son of Harry English 1511 2 200/$300
Kermeen Mac Ermyn/Mac Urmen/Curmin Son of Eireamon Irish 1429 1 100/$150
Skillicorn Skylycorne/Skillycorn/Skylescorn Of Skillicorn (Lancs) English 1511 2 200/$300

* According to "Personal Names of the Isle of Man", J.J Kneen 1937

The above names are the priority names being sought, but a comprehensive review of all the names currently included in the study can be seen here

Please note that if you do wish to donate, then the donations website link assumes automatically payment in US dollars - and the price of one kit is 100 or $150.  So if you wish to make a donation denominated in sterling you will have to convert  it to the dollar equivalent and enter that figure!

Please do not hesitate to contact John Creer if you have any questions or problems.



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